Kakurecha of Umegashima

The Origins of the tea fields of "Kakurecha"

Umegashima is nested in the rocky fields of the Southern Alps of Japan, this is where Kakurecha is grown. Umegashima was first put on the map approximately 1700 years ago when Umegashima hot springs was established there, followed by gold mining, tea, and wasabi cultivation. Tea from Umegashima is well regarded even among the great teas harvested in Shizuoka.

Because of the high elavation of Umegashima, the flavor is concentrated and has great umami and rich aroma. Umegashima’s teas are still not widely known in the marketplace but it is sold in various department stores in the metropolitan area as a high end tea. Kakurecha teas was born from a desire to connect the tea growers directly with the consumers so that the growers can see increased profits and consumers can enjoy delicious teas. The customer can enjoy a tea which is reasonably priced and is safe and delicious. By eliminating the middle man, the growers can sell their teas in the market while increasing their independence and continue flourishing as tea growers.

Our goals at The Associaton for protecting Kakurecha include, allowing everyone to have a taste of the delicious teas at Umegashima as well as the rejuvination of older tea fields so that the culture and senery at Umegashima can be passed down from generation to generation.

Please, give Umenashima teas a try!

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Product Lineup

Kakurecha Loose Leaf Tea 20g

Kakurecha Loose Leaf Green Tea

梅ヶ島の煎茶「隠れ茶」は、新芽100% 一煎、二煎、三煎、と味わって、最後には茶葉もお召し上がりいただけます。20g

Kakurecha Loose Leaf Tea 50g

Kakurecha Loose Leaf Green Tea

梅ヶ島の煎茶「隠れ茶」は、新芽100% 一煎、二煎、三煎、と味わって、最後には茶葉もお召し上がりいただけます。50g

Kakurecha Loose Leaf Tea 100g

Kakurecha Loose Leaf Green Tea

梅ヶ島の煎茶「隠れ茶」は、新芽100% 一煎、二煎、三煎、と味わって、最後には茶葉もお召し上がりいただけます。100g

Kakurecha Tea Bags

Kakurecha Green Tea Teabag


Kakurecha Powdered Green Tea

Kakurecha Powdered Green Tea


Kakurecha Powdered Hojicha

Kakurecha Powdered Genmai Tea

隠れ茶 “在来種”の一番茶のみを熟成させた茶葉を焙じ茶にして粉末にした贅沢な一品。飲むだけでなくアイスクリームやヨーグルトにかけて。30g

Kakurecha (Tea Bag) in Mailable Packaging


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食べるお茶・発酵ほろに Ⓡ




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